Negative Consequences For Paying Your Traffic Ticket and How a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Cape Coral Can Help 

Has a Speeding Ticket Ruined Your Day?

As anyone who has ever received a speeding ticket—or any other type of traffic citation—can tell you, getting stopped by a police officer can certainly put a damper on your day. Even so, you may mistakenly believe that your speeding ticket is nothing more than a minor annoyance which can best be dealt with by dropping a check in the mail. In fact, nearly 90% of those who receive a speeding ticket do just that, failing to realize that paying a ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty to the crime and will result in a conviction.

If you think a conviction for a traffic violation surely can’t be that big a deal, think again. Depending on whether your traffic conviction is civil or criminal, you can be facing more unintended consequences than you could imagine. If you’ve recently received a speeding ticket, the best thing you can do is to call a Cape Coral speeding ticket attorney before you decide to pay the ticket. A Cape Coral traffic ticket lawyer is standing by to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your traffic ticket, and offer you a better solution.

Do You Really Need an Attorney for a Traffic Violation?

The laws surrounding your Florida traffic ticket can be complex and confusing; when you add the Department of Motor Vehicles into the mix, your “simple” traffic ticket can cause a series of aggravating issues which can last for a significant length of time. When you received your traffic citation, the police officer likely told you there were three options available: pay the ticket, attend driving school, or appear before a judge and plead your innocence. You have only thirty days in which to do something, otherwise you will have late fees added to the fines you owe, and the Department of Motor Vehicles may begin the process of suspending your license. Reading this may convince you the best thing to do is to simply pay the ticket and move on, however this is not the case.

Once you pay your ticket and receive a conviction for the offense, points will be added to your license if the offense was a moving violation. Once you reach a certain number of points on your driving record, you will face a license suspension. Should you be pulled over while driving on a suspended license you could face a trip to jail and the necessity of dealing with additional criminal charges. As you can see, a “simple” traffic ticket is rarely that simple. Speaking to an experienced Cape Coral traffic ticket lawyer from our firm will likely give you a much greater chance of a positive outcome than trying to handle the ticket on your own.

Is Driving School the Best Option?

As your speeding ticket lawyer in Cape Coral will tell you, electing to attend driving school may be a viable option for you, however there are conditions attached. If you are eligible for driving school, you must notify the Clerk of the Court that you are electing this option, then must pay the Clerk the entire amount of fines associated with your ticket at that time. You will then be given ninety days in which to complete the driving school and present your certificate of completion to the Clerk. The state of Florida limits you to taking driving school a total of five times, and only one time per year—in other words, if you have taken driving school within the past twelve months and receive a speeding ticket, you are ineligible to take driving school as a means of dealing with your current ticket. A Cape Coral speeding ticket attorney can help you determine whether driving school is the best option in your case.

Asking for a Hearing—With a Cape Coral Traffic Ticket Lawyer by Your Side—May Be Your Best Option

Although the thought of appearing in court before a judge may be daunting, this is by far your best option after receiving a speeding ticket or other traffic citation. If standing in front of a judge makes you nervous, you are not alone, which is one of the best reasons for having a Cape Coral traffic ticket lawyer represent you. Asking for a hearing will allow you extra time to come up with the money to pay the ticket should you end up having to do so. Your attorney may be able to have the ticket dismissed on a technicality, or may be able to negotiate a lesser charge (depending on the original charge). Our attorneys are well-acquainted with the judges, hearing officers and police officers, and have a thorough knowledge of the Florida laws associated with your citation.

Your Cape Coral speeding ticket attorney will speak on your behalf, and can back up objections with solid legal knowledge. If you have a Cape Coral speeding ticket attorney represent you, you may be ordered to take driving school, however a court-ordered school does not count toward your five-time limit. It is highly likely that a skilled Cape Coral speeding ticket attorney can secure a much better outcome for your traffic ticket charges than you can do on your own. You may be able to avoid points on your driver’s license, a potential suspension and a significant hike in your insurance rates.

If your traffic citation was a criminal charge (driving without a valid driver’s license, driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, reckless driving, having auto tags which were not assigned to you or DUI) then you will deal with many more consequences that can last for a very long time. You may find yourself unable to secure employment, rent a home, obtain a professional license or government student loan or own a firearm with a criminal conviction on your record.

Why Call Our Firm?

As you can see, there really is no such thing as a minor traffic ticket. It is important that you take your traffic citation seriously, and bring an experienced attorney from our team on board who will take it equally seriously. Our attorneys have over thirty years’ combined experience and significant credentials to our credit. We understand that you have many choices when it’s time to talk to a Cape Coral traffic ticket attorney however we believe our firm can do the best job of looking out after your best interests and minimizing the damage to your future.