A St. Petersburg Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Alter the Outcome of Your Ticket

Minimizing the Impact of a St. Pete Traffic Violation Conviction

You may be like most drivers, and view a traffic ticket as nothing more than an inconvenience—certainly not a serious legal matter requiring the assistance of a St. Petersburg traffic ticket attorney. In fact, even the most “minor” traffic ticket can have consequences you likely never imagined, many of those which can last for many years to come.

Should you fail to pay your traffic ticket—perhaps you stuck the ticket in a drawer and forgot about it, or agreed to go to court to contest the ticket, but got busy and neglected to meet that obligation—you could find yourself in even more trouble, including a suspended license or even a warrant. While St. Petersburg law enforcement may not go out of their way to arrest you for a traffic warrant, should you be stopped for any other reason, you could find yourself facing the embarrassing proposition of being handcuffed and taken to jail until you can sort out your traffic issues.

So, while a traffic ticket may seem like nothing more than a temporary annoyance, many Florida drivers have learned the hard way such a ticket can amount to a much more serious problem when not handled quickly. You could end up paying hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in fines and fees, have points added to your driver’s license (with the potential of losing your license) and end up paying huge automobile insurance premiums—if your insurance company will continue to insure you at all.  The United States is a nation which loves to drive, and St. Petersburg is certainly no exception. Most estimates place the number of American adults who own a car at 89-90%.

Those automobiles are used to commute to and from work, run innumerable errands, taxi children from place to place, visit friends and family and take vacations. All this driving inevitably brings the occasional traffic ticket, even for the most responsible driver. Traffic tickets are meant to be a deterrent to driver error, and if you’ve received a ticket recently you were likely stunned by the amount you were required to pay as traffic tickets generate billions of dollars in revenues for cities and towns across the nation. If you receive a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, take it very seriously and contact a St. Petersburg traffic ticket attorney immediately.

How Serious is Your St. Petersburg Traffic Ticket?

You may have inadvertently committed a traffic violation, or perhaps your violation was willful—as in the case of speeding. Either way, there are varying levels of seriousness—some traffic offenses fall under the category of criminal offense, while others are civil offenses.

Civil offenses are considered non-dangerous infractions for which you cannot be jailed, receive an unreasonably large fine or be entitled to a jury trial. While a “normal” speeding ticket would be considered a civil offense, if the speed you were traveling could be considered reckless driving, you could find yourself facing a criminal charge. Speeding tickets can also garner relatively high fines, depending on how many miles per hour beyond the posted speed limit you were driving.

Violations such as not wearing a seatbelt, failure to provide proof of insurance, speeding, running a red light or stop sign, failure to yield, SunPass violations or failure to have a child properly restrained are all considered civil infractions, however civil moving violations will nonetheless result in points being added to your driving record.

Criminal traffic violations include DUI, reckless driving, driving without a valid driver’s license, possessing more than one driver’s license, unlawful use of temporary tag, vehicle registration expired more than six months for a second or subsequent offense, and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Whether your traffic violation is civil or criminal, bringing an experienced St. Petersburg traffic ticket attorney can truly make the difference in the outcome as well as the long-term consequences.

Defenses to Your St. Petersburg Traffic Violation

Your knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney in St. Petersburg FL understands the laws relating to the use of laser and radar readings and when those results could be inadmissible under Florida Rules of Evidence. Your traffic ticket lawyer from St. Petersburg can question the validity of the radar reading by determining when the machine was last calibrated, whether the machine has been properly maintained, and whether the police officer is trained and certified in the use of the radar equipment. In some cases, a police officer may claim to have recorded your speed at 900 feet, yet the manufacturer states the device works between 50 and 650 feet. Another point of defense to a St. Petersburg speeding violation is lack of proper notice of the speed limit. As an example, the speed limit sign could be missing, damaged, or hidden by a tree or bush.

Why Hire Us for Your Traffic Violation?

There may be plenty of St. Petersburg speeding ticket attorneys to choose from however it is important you choose wisely in order to maximize your chances of a successful outcome. Your St. Petersburg traffic ticket lawyer has significant experience helping clients just like you who don’t want a one-time mistake to lead to serious consequences in their life or their future.

When you choose us to represent you, you are choosing a highly experienced traffic ticket attorney in St. Petersburg who has a thorough knowledge of Florida laws and the necessary connections to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Our lawyers have been featured on local and national news stations alike, including ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC, to share their knowledge of Florida DUI and traffic issues. When you need a highly qualified St. Petersburg traffic ticket lawyer to represent you after receiving a Florida traffic violation, call us.