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A moving violation refers to any crime that is committed by a driver while their vehicle is moving. There are a multitude of moving violations that an individual can receive by an officer and they are all documented on a person’s individual record. Just like any crime, a person does have the right to fight their moving violation charge in a court of law.

Common moving violations that individuals receive charges for are:

Careless Driving
Violation of a Traffic Control Device
Running a Red Light
Violation of Right of Way
Improper Lane Change
Florida’s Move Over Law
Improper Passing
Running a Stop Sign
Toll Violations
Spectator to Street Racing
Failure to Yield

Moving Violations result in points accrued on a person’s license hand and will affect a person’s record indefinitely. An aspect about moving violations that most people fail to realize before it is too late to fight their case, is that moving violations can end up costing a person a lot more money than they anticipated.

Every moving violation that a person receives will add points to their license and will most likely come with a fine. An individual has the option to pay and take a driving course that will deduct the points from their license, but that costs more money and is not available all of the time. The more moving violations that a person has on their record, the higher their insurance rates will rise. This could result in hundreds to thousands of dollars and make it very hard for a person to pay for their vehicle’s insurance.

Insurance companies are required to inform the DMV of a person not having insurance on their vehicle anymore, which will result in an automatic license suspension if the individual does not prove that they have an insured vehicle. If an individual needs to re instate their license this will result in hundreds to thousands of dollars for them to pay in addition to their fines. Furthermore, if a person cannot provide proof of insurance to the officer when they are pulled over for their moving violation, they will need to provide proof of insurance to the DMV to pay their fine as well as pay their fine for not having proof of insurance at the crime scene.

In addition to insurance rates becoming an issue, the points that are accumulated on a person’s record for a moving violation can result in a license suspension, heftier fines, or even jail time depending on the severity of the moving violation. If an individual accumulates twelve points on their record within a two year period, their driving privileges and license will automatically be suspended. If a person accumulates eight points within two years they will be obligated for a review and could face a suspension as well. If a person demonstrates a consistent violation of traffic laws the U.S has the right to suspend or revoke all of their driving privileges.

Public transportation in Florida is not well designed and can be a hassle for a person to get from point A to point B in a timely fashion. Most people need the use of a car in Florida in order to accommodate their life style. Many jobs are not understanding of a person not having a vehicle and even more jobs are requiring a person to be able to drive at work. Most driving positions require their employees to have pristine driving records and having a moving violation may jeopardize a person’s employment.

Moving violations are not always rightly administered and a large mass of them could be fought in a court of law. Matter of fact, over 50% of moving violations fought in court get their charges dismissed. Hiring an experienced lawyer to fight a moving violation may be the smartest move for a person to make in regards to their charge.

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