Habitual Traffic Offender

What is a Habitual Driver Offender Charge?

Receiving a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) charge is a very serious matter and can impact a person’s life indefinitely. The most common way that a driver is deemed as an HTO is by driving on a suspended license three or more times within a five year time frame. If a driver has been charged with driving on a suspended license three or more times within five years, they will receive a HTO charge.

Other ways to receive a HTO charge are by, receiving DUI or DWI charges several times, using a vehicle to commit a felony, not helping persons involved in a car accident resulting in injury or death, and receiving 15 or more moving violations within five years.

What are the Penalties?

A HTO charge is not a simple traffic violation; it is a criminal offense and comes with numerous penalties. Once an individual is charged as being a habitual traffic offender, their license will automatically be revoked for five years. Moreover, an HTO charge is deemed as a third degree felony and can face up to a $5000 fine. In addition, an individual can serve up to five years in jail as a penalty for an HTO charge.

Aside from the legal penalties that are tied to a HTO charge, an individual may suffer in other areas of their life from accruing such a serious charge. Having a HTO charge could cause an individual to lose their job, not only if it is a driving position, but now they will have a third degree felony on their record which can make holding and finding a job much more difficult. It could also affect their personal relationships by not being able to operate a vehicle and by the money loss that they will suffer from the amount of fees they will be obligated to pay.

Hiring a Lawyer

For this serious of a charge it is important for an individual to seek out legal help to reduce or eliminate the charges being brought up against them. Even if an individual has already been charged as a HTO, they should hire a lawyer to attempt to reduce their charges. A good lawyer will know how to work the system and get the charges reduced.

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