Speeding – The Quick Ticket to a Ticket

Although most people have done it, speeding while driving in Florida is not a joke. Speeding is penalized with a speeding ticket, commonly, and even harsher penalties can ensue if one is speeding in a school zone or in a street race, for example.

The fines that are currently in place if ticketed for speeding are as follows:

  • 6-9 Miles Per Hour Over – $76- $81.00
  • 10-14 MPH Over – $137.50- $155.50
  • 15- 19 MPH Over – $158.50- $180.50
  • 20- 29 MPH Over – $178.50- $205.50
  • 30 MPH & Over – $260.50- $305.50

People should always try to remember to slow down and maintain a safe speed for everyone, but in the case that an individual is pulled over for speeding, there are ways to avoid being ticketed, and if one is ticketed, there are ways to fight the charge.

Once pulled over, a person should remember to maintain a polite, professional demeanor. Also, it is important for an individual to keep in mind that any admission made while pulled over can and more than probably will be used against them in a court of law, so, when asked if they know why they are being pulled over, the driver should simply say, “I’m sorry but I don’t, Sir/Ma’am.”

If given a ticket, the driver should ask the officer if they can return it by mail. This will lead the officer to believe that they have no intention of fighting the charge and will not be as inclined to take detailed notes regarding the stop. If the driver plans to fight the ticket, this will work in their favor.

Speeding tickets add points to a person’s license which can result in a suspended license. In addition, the more points accumulated on a license the higher car insurance rates will raise for the person who receives the tickets. Paying the fines for a speeding ticket, a suspended license reinstatement and insurance could end up costing a person thousands of dollars.

Many people do not think that fighting a moving violation, such as a speeding citation, in court will go in their favor, but odds show that a large portion of the moving violation cases fought in court go in the defendant’s favor. With an experienced lawyer, a defendant has a strong chance that their charges will be minimized or dismissed.

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