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Baker County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Baker County

Baker County is a small county located northwest of Jacksonville, Florida, which borders the Georgia border. Baker County is home to Osceola National Park, Historic Olustee Battlefield, among other things. The attractions bring a variety of tourists and newcomers to the area. The area boasts a great number of camping and hiking areas that are attractions for the area. There major interstates and highways are I-10, US-90, and State Road 2. Local law enforcement agencies and state law enforcement patrol these major roadways. Citations are issued for any traffic violations in the area. Glen St. Mary and Macclenny are the major cities in the county. These city police departments, Florida Highway Patrol, and Baker County Sheriff’s Office isse citations in the form of civil and criminal citations.

Citations come in two forms: criminal and civil citations. The criminal and civil citations vary in their procedures and penalties as well. Criminal citations include DUI, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, among other violations. Criminal citations do require a hearing before a magistrate or judge. These hearings are attended by the citation issuing officer, any witnesses, yourself, and a Baker County Traffic Attorney should you choose to hire one. These citations often come with penalties including jail time, probation, community service, drug/alcohol treatment programs, fees/fines, points on your license, etc. The traffic division has its hearings at: 339 East Macclenney Avenue, Macclenney, Florida. This is the location of the courthouse and where the clerk of the court can be reached as well.

Civil citations do not require a hearing, but you may request one. If you decide to fight your ticket, you will need to request a hearing from the clerk of court in writing within thirty (30) days of your citation. The address listed above is the address to send your written request. At this hearing, the judge, the citation issuing officer, any witnesses, you, and a Macclenney Speeding Ticket Lawyer should you choose to hire one may be present to assist you in your hearing. The Baker County Traffic Attorney can inform you of your rights before the hearing, offer any defenses that may be pertinent in your case, and deliver your argument to the judge at the hearing. Civil citations may also be remedied by attending a Driver Improvement Course, which is offered in person in a classroom setting, online or on DVD/video. The Driver Improvement course can keep points off of your license. Finally, the last resort is to simply resort to paying the fine. This will put points on your license.

Points accruing on your license can be detrimental in two ways 1) your insurance premiums may go up to four times as much and 2) accrued points may result in a license suspension. When twelve points accrue over a year period, your license may be suspended for one month. When eighteen points accumulate over a year and a half period, your license may be suspended for three months. Finally, your license can be suspended for one year if you accrue twenty-four points in three years. Any additional violations and points assessed will result in an additional three month suspension.

Points are determined using the following schedule:

3 Littering, failure to properly use a child restraint device, open container, unlawful speed 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or less, all other moving violations
4 Passing a stopped school bus, reckless driving, any moving violation resulting in an accident, unlawful speed 16 miles per hour or more over the speed limit
6 Leaving the scene of an accident with (<$50 worth of damage), unlawful speed resulting in an accident

If you find yourself in a situation in which you have gotten a traffic citation, you should contact a Maccleney Speeding Ticket Lawyer or a Baker County Traffic Attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and all deadlines are properly met. They can assist you in knowing the process, defining defenses for you, and counseling you throughout the procedure. Contact your local Baker County Traffic Attorney today!