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How Your Speeding Ticket Attorney in Bradenton Can Change the Outcome of Your Traffic Violation

Minimizing the Effects of a Traffic Citation

If you are like most drivers in America, you have likely received a traffic citation at least once since you first received your driver’s license. And, if you are like most people who receive a traffic citation, you viewed it as little more than a blip on the radar, and probably sent in a check to pay your fine, then moved on. In fact, it is estimated that between 80% and 90% of all of those who receive a traffic citation choose to pay it rather than fight the charges—even if they believe they were not at fault. The reasons for this likely have to do with two issues: time and apprehension about appearing in court and presenting an argument to the judge.

We are an exceedingly busy nation, which makes taking time away from work or other responsibilities to appear in court less of an option than it perhaps should be. Further, few of us are accomplished public speakers, making the very thought of appearing before a judge and presenting an argument something to be avoided. The truth is, it is a rare judge who will side with a driver accused of a crime over a police officer, so those fears may be well-founded. So, you can pay your fine, you can elect to attend traffic school (assuming you have not done so within the past twelve months), or you can appear before the judge.

If you choose to appear in court, hopefully you will have a Bradenton traffic ticket attorney by your side to fight your charges in order to avoid having points placed on your driving record and potentially losing your license—or having your insurance rates increase to the point of being unaffordable. Choosing a traffic ticket attorney in Bradenton can make a significant difference in the outcome of your traffic ticket and is well-worth the time you may spend to avoid having points placed on your driving record, or having a criminal traffic conviction which could follow you for a very long time.

Traffic violations are on the rise in the Bradenton area and, in fact, across the state of Florida, due in part to the addition of red light cameras, photo radar and other automated enforcement systems. While a traffic ticket may seem like little more than a temporary annoyance, it can have many consequences you may not have anticipated. Speaking with a skilled Bradenton traffic ticket lawyer could end up saving you plenty of time, money and aggravation over the long run.

Speeding—the Most Common Traffic Violation

Exceeding the speed limit is, by and large, the most common traffic infraction, followed by sign violations (running a stop sign, failure to yield or running red light). While some speeding offenses are willful—the driver was well aware he or she was exceeding the speed limit—others occur because the driver was distracted. While driving should be a focused task, unfortunately most of us drive in at least a somewhat distracted manner. We may be listening to the radio, watching what’s happening on the side of the road, talking on the phone, eating, fiddling with the GPS or trying to see what the children are doing in the back seat.

Any of these extra tasks can result in a driver who is not paying attention to their speed and who is likely dismayed to see flashing red lights behind them. Why should that moment of inattention result in high fines and points added to your driver’s license? Our attorneys don’t believe it should and have a long history of helping people just like you who have been cited for speeding and could benefit from an experienced Bradenton speeding ticket lawyer. Even if you were in a hurry and know you probably deserved to be stopped, you still have a right to fight the ticket and your Bradenton speeding ticket attorney has the right to question whether the radar detector was calibrated and working properly and whether the police officer was properly trained in the use of the device.

We Can Provide and Aggressive Defense for Civil and Criminal Traffic Violations

Traffic citations can be quite serious; depending on the gravity of the offense, you could face jail time, the loss of your driver’s license, expensive fines and even seizure of your vehicle. Your insurance premiums will go up and in the case of a criminal traffic conviction, your employment options could even be affected. If you have a CDL license, a traffic ticket can put your job at risk. It is imperative if you have a CDL and receive a traffic violation that you immediately consult a traffic ticket attorney in Bradenton. Paying that ticket could cause you to lose your commercial driver’s status and consequently your job. Don’t let a traffic ticket affect your reputation, criminal record, driver’s license status and finances. Contact a knowledgeable Bradenton traffic ticket attorney today and receive a better outcome.

Why Call Us?

When it comes to choosing an attorney in Bradenton, we know you have many choices, however we hope you will choose our firm because of the level of experience we bring to the table on your behalf. Our attorneys collectively have over three decades of solid legal experience; some of our lawyers are former prosecutors, while others are former public defenders. Because we work as a team, these varied backgrounds can really benefit our clients.

We defend those accused of: speeding, careless driving, violation of traffic control devices, violation of right-of-way, failure to yield, improper lane change, violation of Florida’s Move Over Law, improper passing, running a stop sign or stop light, toll booth and SunPass violations, failure to properly restrain children, failure to use a seat belt, street racing, spectator to street racing and DUI. One mistake—particularly when that mistake is a DUI or other serious offense, can change your life and take away your freedom. Our attorneys bring stellar credentials to the table and believe that your traffic violation is serious enough to warrant our full attention. Call a knowledgeable Bradenton traffic ticket attorney today.