Bradford County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Bradford County

           Bradford County is located in the middle of North Florida. The county has 29,000 residents, and the county seat is Starke, Florida. The county is home of Florida State Prison. Baker County is to the north, Clay County is to the east, Alachua county is the south, and Duval county is to the Northeast of the county. The county also has a national protected area, which is Osceola National Forest. The local towns and cities include the Town of Brooker, City of Hampton, City of Lawtey, and the City of Starke.

           Since the county is located in the center of North Florida, it is a prime candidate for heavy traffic. Heavy traffic, of course, means higher numbers of traffic violations and citations. Law enforcement agencies including Brooker Police Department, Hampton Police Department, Lawtey Police Department, Starke Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, and Bradford County Sheriff’s Office issue the citations. These citations can range from failing to stop at a traffic signal to driving under the influence to vehicular manslaughter. There are two different types of citations: criminal and civil citations. A criminal citation will require you to attend a hearing. At these hearings, you, your Bradford County Traffic Attorney, the arresting/citation issuing officer, any witnesses, and the judge or magistrate will be in attendance. You will have the chance to give your side of the story and to present any defenses available to you. A Starke Traffic Attorney can assist you in understanding the process and which defenses are applicable to your case. The penalties for criminal sanctions are higher than their civil counterparts. These penalties include: probation, jail time, higher fines and fees, impoundment, alcohol/drug treatment program attendance, community service, license suspension and revocation, among other penalties. The Courthouse is located at 945 North Temple Avenue, Starke, Florida 32091. Any and all notices, payments, requests, and hearings will be at the address listed above.

           Civil citations include unlawful speed, failure to have proof of insurance, passing a stopped school bus, among other violations. These violations can be cured with one of three options. These options are 1) pay the fine/fee and accept the points, 2) elect to take a Driver Improvement Course and have no points assessed on your record, or 3) contest the ticket in a hearing. The Driver Improvement Course does come with some restrictions. You can only elect to take the course five (5) times in your lifetime and one time in any twelve (12) month period. The course is available online, in person in a classroom setting or on DVD or video. The course takes approximately four (4) hours to complete. It is important to note that you must tell the Clerk of the Court that you are electing to take the course within thirty (30) days from the date of the citation. You must take the course ninety (90) days from the date of the citation. If you do not take the course within the ninety (90) day time frame, you may be subjected to higher fines and fees. The third option, contesting the ticket, will require your attendance at a hearing. At the hearing, you, your Bradford County Speeding Ticket lawyer should you choose to hire one, any witnesses, the judge or magistrate and the citation issuing officer will be in attendance. You can offer any defenses you have to the judge and present your case to him or her. Your Bradford County Speeding Ticket Lawyer can inform you of your rights and determine how to keep your fines/fees as low as possible and perhaps keeping points off of your license.

           Points on your license can wreak havoc on your insurance premiums and even on your license. If your insurance company sees that you are continuing to get points assessed on your license, they may, in their sole discretion, define you as a “high risk” driver. If you are deemed to be a “high risk” driver, you will have to carry a SR-22 insurance policy. These policies can cost up to four (4) times as much as safe driver insurance premiums. Furthermore, your driving privilege may be at risk with a high rate of points accrued on your license. Should you accrue twelve (12) points in one year, your license may be suspended for one (1) month. If you accrue eighteen (18) points in a year and a half, your license may be suspended for three (3) months. Finally, if you get twenty-four (24) points in three (3) years, your license may be suspended for one year. Any additional points may add an additional three (3) months of your license being suspended.

           Bradford County has a great location for patrollers to find traffic law violators. The county also has the State Prison, which naturally calls for more law enforcement. If you find yourself in a situation where you have gotten a citation, you should call your local Bradford County Traffic Attorney today. The faster the Starke Speeding Ticket Lawyer on your case, they can faster they can begin to educate you about the process, determine which defenses are applicable to your case, and they can meet all necessary deadlines before it is too late. Keep yourself informed and keep your rights protected: get in touch with your Bradford County Traffic Attorney today!

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