Collier County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Collier County

                     Collier County is located in southwest Florida. The major city in the county is Naples and Marco Island. Approximately 350,000 people call Collier County home. The county has beautiful beaches, an airport, stunning landscapes, among other tourist attractions. Part of the Everglades National Park is in the county. The major roadways that cross the county are Interstate 75, US Route 41, State Road 29, State Road 84, and State Road 951. The roadways are patrolled by Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Naples Police Department, Marco Island Police Department, and Florida Highway Patrol.

                     The local law enforcement agencies issue citations of two different types: criminal and civil. Criminal citations do require hearings. These hearings will require, you, your Collier County Traffic Attorney should you choose to hire one, a judge or magistrate that presides over the hearing, any witnesses, and the arresting or citation issuing officer. Criminal violations come with higher penalties. These penalties include: probation, fines and/or fees, points assessed on your record, community service hours, license suspension, possible jail time, among other penalties. These violations are driving under the influence, reckless driving, driving with a suspended or revoked license, among other violations.

                     Civil infractions include unlawful speed, careless driving, failure to show proof of insurance, failure to display a valid drivers license, among other violations. These violations have three options to be considered in good standing with the State. These options are: 1) pay the fine or fee and accept the points on your license, 2) pay the fine or fee (or possibly the reduced fee) and take the Driver Improvement Course as approved by the State, or 3) contest the ticket and have a hearing before a judge or magistrate. If you decide to pay the fine/fee and take the driver Improvement Course, you must alert the Clerk of the Court of your intention to elect to take the course within thirty (30) days from the citation date. The Clerk of the Court’s address is Collier County Courthouse Annex, 3315 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112. You must then take the course and complete it within sixty (60) days of the election. You must file your certificate of completion with the clerk of the court within the sixty (60) day time period. The limitations of taking the Driver Improvement Course include only taking the course five (5) times in your lifetime and once every twelve (12) months. If you elect to have a hearing in order for the judge or magistrate to hear your case, you may still have points kept off of your license. You, a Naples Speeding Ticket Lawyer, any witnesses, the citation issuing officer, and a judge or magistrate will be present at the hearing should you choose to have one. You will need to tell the Clerk of the Court of your intention to have a hearing within thirty (30) days. At this hearing, you can have the judge hear your case, listen to your side of the story, and permit you to present your defenses as they apply to your case. You Naples Traffic attorney can assist you in educating you about the process, assist you in meeting deadlines and plan the best way to tackle your case.

                     Points can be assessed on your license for moving violations. These moving violations are compiled as in the list below with corresponding points:

0Non-Moving Violation
3Littering, Child restraint violations, Speeding with 15 miles per hour or less over the speed limit
4Speeding 16 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, passing a stopped school bus
6Leaving the scene of an accident (<$50) or speeding resulting in a collision

                     Points assessed may stay on your record for between three (3) and five (5) years. Once they are expunged and you have kept a safe driver record, the points may be kept off of your license. Also, with points on your license, your insurance company may determine that you are a “high risk” driver. If you are rendered as such, then you may be required, in your insurance company’s sole discretion, to carry a SR-22 insurance policy. Also, if you accrue a certain number of points within a certain time frame, you may have your license suspended. In these cases, if you accrue twelve (12) points in one year, your license may be suspended for one month. If your points accrue to eighteen (18) points in a year and a half, your license may be suspended for three (3) months. If you accrue twenty-four (24) points in thirty-six months, your license may be suspended for a full year. Additionally, any further violations will result in three months longer of a license suspension added to any current suspension.

                     Collier County is the home of many beautiful scenes and a booming metropolis, Naples, Florida. If you find yourself with a traffic citation, it is best to contact your local Naples Speeding Ticket lawyer to ensure your penalties are kept at a minimum, points are not assessed on your license, or that your driving privilege is not revoked or suspended. Contact your local Collier County Traffic Attorney at your soonest convenience to have your case placed on the fast track and to keep your rights protected!

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