Attaching Tag Not Assigned Citation in Florida

Every license plate and registration sticker on a vehicle must be lawfully assigned to the motor vehicle it is attached to. It is illegal and considered a criminal offense if a person knowingly places an unregistered tag on a vehicle. This is considered a second degreemisdemeanor offense and the driver of that vehicle will be charged accordingly.

In Florida, the penalties for driving with an attached unassigned tag are:

  • Up to a $500 fine
  • Up to sixty days in jail
  • Up to six months of probation

There are three criteria that an accused individual must meet in order to be charged with an attaching tag not assigned violation. The three criteria are:

  • The individual charged attached a registration license plate to a vehicle
  • The registration license plate was not lawfully assigned to that vehicle
  • The individual charged knew that the license plate was not lawfully assigned to the vehicle
  • Defenses

    The greatest defense for this charge is that it is extremely difficult for a prosecution to prove that the accused individual KNEW that the license plate was unlawfully assigned. Moreover, it is also difficult to prove that the accused individual physically attached the license plate on the vehicle.

    The Florida statute about driving with an unassigned tag clearly states that the accused individual had to KNOWINGLY place an unassigned tag on a vehicle.

    For example, a driver may have borrowed a friend’s car and did not know that the tag was not assigned. Or, for whatever reason, such as the car dealership was supposed to transfer the tag, the driver may have properly assigned the tag and there was a mishap somewhere in the system.

    Hiring a Lawyer

    The accused individual should hire an experienced attorney to fight their case. These cases are difficult to prove in a court of law and the accused individual has a very good chance of getting their charges dismissed. An experienced attorney will know how to fight this charge properly and within legal bounds.

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