Driving With an Expired License in Florida

Driving with an expired driver’s license may seem as though it is a small charge, but the reality is that it is considered a criminal offense and will be marked as such on a person’s criminal and driving record.

On occasion citing officers may be kind and let a driver off with a warning for an expired driver’s license, but if a driver is charged with an expired driver’s license violation they could be facing penalties such as:

  • Fine up to $250
  • 2 points on license
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Suspended license
  • Car impoundment
  • Probation
  • Jail time

If a person’s driver’s license has been expired for over a year’s time then they will be required to retakethe driving tests associated with getting a driver’s license.

Renewing License

Once the expiration date has past, if the driver has not paid the renewal fee and filled out the application, late fees will be applied to the driver’s renewal costs. The most important issue that arises after the expiration date has past is that the driver no longer has a valid driver’s license and cannot drive a motor vehicle until their license is renewed.

Every time an individual drives without an up to date license they are breaking the law and if they get pulled over by an officer, they will be cited and will be fined. Although the driver’s license is not valid for a person to drive, points will still be accumulated on the license with each citation that the driver receives. If the driver receives 12 points within one year’s time, their license will automatically be suspended for 30 days. A suspended license will result in much higher fines and the fines will be added to the already owed money for the expired license charge. This could amount to thousands of dollars.


Although it is a person’s responsibility to know the expiration date of their driver’s license, a person may have moved and failed to receive the renewal application in the mail. So the accused individual may not have known that their license was expired. In addition, with all of the documentation that is now needed to receive a new or to renew a driver’s license, if a person does not have their birth certificate, social security card, and two bills that prove their current address, they may not be able to renew. This could cause complications if person is unable to obtain the needed documentation for a driver’s license renewal.

Avoiding the Penlaties

Contact a criminal law attorney today and find out more about your charges and how you can get them reduced or dismissed. Numerous criminal traffic violations are ignored and the accused individual ends up receiving penalties that they could have had dismissed if they had fought their case. Hire an experienced lawyer to fight your case, or at the very least explain to you your rights and defenses for your case, so that you can make an educated decision on the best course of action at getting your charges dismissed or reduced.

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