Driving With an Expired Vehicle Registration in Florida

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without current registration. Every year, dated on the birthday of the vehicle’s owner, the motor vehicle registration needs to be renewed. As of midnight on the owner of the vehicle’s birthday the registration must be renewed.

If the registration renewal fee and documentation is not received by midnight on the owner’s birthday then the registration is expired and late fees will apply. If pulled over for an expired registration penalties and fines will be administered.

There are two ways penalties and fines are decided with an expired registration charge. The common penalties are as follows:

Registration is expired for less than 6 months

If a driver’s registration is expired for less than 6 months they will receive a noncriminal traffic infraction and be charged with a fine in addition to their renewal fees and late fees. The fine typically does not exceed $100, but depending on the circumstances of the violation, the fine could be higher.

Registration is expired for more than 6 months

On a second offense, if a driver’s registration is expired for more than 6 months they will be charged with a criminal traffic violation which will show up on their driving record as well as their criminal record. The penalties are much higher and include a fine up to $500 and possible jail time or probation. In addition, a criminal traffic violation would increase the driver’s insurance rates and could lead to a suspended license.


Receiving a criminal traffic violation can jeopardize a person’s job and financial stability. It is important for a person facing a criminal traffic violation charge, such as an expired registration, to contact an experienced attorney in order for them to minimize or clear all of their penalties. An expired registration may simply be because the driver forgot, didn’t know, or misunderstood the terms of the renewal process. Regardless, they will be charged for the crime and an experienced lawyer will know how to help an accused individual fight their case and have their charges reduced or dismissed.

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