No Motorcycle Endorsement Ticket in Florida

Motorcycles require different skill sets when operating than cars do. In order for a driver to be legally allowed to operate a motorcycle they need to obtain motorcycle endorsement so that they can legally drive their motorcycle. If an individual is found operating a motorcycle without the proper endorsement they will be charged with a criminal offense and face severe penalties.

Penalties for no motorcycle endorsement in the state of Florida are as follows:

  • Second degree misdemeanor
  • Fine up to $500
  • Up to 60 days in jail
  • Up to six monthsof probation


It is quite simple for a prosecution to win their case regarding a no motorcycle endorsement charge because all they have to do is prove through the DMV’s record that the accused individual did not have the proper endorsement when operating the vehicle.

This is why a charged individual should hire an attorney to represent them. Although the defendant may be found guilty, a good lawyer could get the criminal charge off their record and fight for reduced charges.

If the defendant did have proper endorsement and there was some type of mishap, then they should definitely hire a lawyer to fight their case sand get the charges dismissed.

If a person receives a criminal traffic violation, they will have a charge on their driving record as well as their personal criminal record. This will cause insurance rates to rise and the criminal charge could result in the loss of a job or the difficulty in finding a job altogether.

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