Unlawful Display of License Citation in Florida

Driving in Florida is considered a privilege, not a necessity. In order for an individual to legally drive in Florida they must obtain a valid driver’s license. This license allows them to legally drive a motor vehicle in the state and is used as an identification card for the owner of the license.

In Florida an unlawful display of a driver’s license is considered a criminal offense and will be charged as such on a person’s criminal record and driving record.

What constitutes as an unlawful display of a license?

The following scenarios would result in an individual being charged with an unlawful display of license violation:

  • The individual knowingly presents a driver’s license that was not issued to them
  • The individual knowingly presents a driver’s license that is suspended
  • The individual knowingly presents a driver’s license that has been revoked or canceled
  • The individual knowingly presents a license that has expired

In addition, it is a criminal offense if an individual allows another person to use their license for identification. It is also a criminal offense if a person has in their possession two driver’s licenses. This commonly occurs when a person requests a new license with a change of address and forgets to throw their old one away when they receive their new one.

The penalties for an unlawful display of a driver’s license are:

  • Up to 60 days in jail
  • Up to six months of probation
  • Up to a $500 fine


Each individual case various in the defense for the charge, but the most important fact in regards to anunlawful display of a license charge is that a person must KNOWINGLY present an unlawful license. This is very difficult for a prosecution to prove because the driver may have been completely unaware that the license they were presenting was not valid.

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