Unlawful Use of an Identification Card in Florida

An unlawful use of an identification card violation is considered a criminal offense and will be marked as such on a person’s criminal record if charged. An identification card does not specifically refer to a driver’s license because a person can have an issued identification card that does not permit driving privileges. An identification card is issued to provide information about the owner, including, their name, date of birth, and address.

According to Florida statute 322.051(6), it is unlawful for any person:

  • To display, cause or permit to be displayed, or have in his or her possession any fictitious, fraudulently altered, or fraudulently obtained identification card
  • To lend his or her identification card to any other person or knowingly permit the use thereof by another
  • To display or represent any identification card not issued to him or her as being his or her card
  • To permit any unlawful use of an identification card issued to him or her
  • To do any act forbidden, or fail to perform any act required, by this section

If an individual uses an identification card illegally they will be charged with a second degree misdemeanor which will result in penalties such as, up to sixty days in jail, up to a $500 fine, and up to six months of probation.

This type of charge is typically seen with college students and underage teenagers attempting to gain access to a bar or night club with a fake identification card (I.D). Regardless of the reason behind the usage of an unlawful identification card, the accused individual will have a criminal charge on their record which could cause problems with finding or keeping a job, and continuing schooling if applicable.

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