Florida Points System

What is the Florida Point System?

Some states tally up violation points against a driver when said driver receives a moving violation or criminal traffic violation. Florida is one of those states. The point system is set up to create a safer driving environment throughout the state. If a driver incurs too many points in a given time frame, the driver’ s license will be suspended and they will be subjected to the reinstatement fees and loss of driving privileges, as punishment, for not abiding by the rules of the law.

How the Point System Works

The majority of traffic violations have an assigned set of points that come with them. Once a driver receives a traffic citation, they will also have accumulated the points that come with that citation on their license.

A brief overview of the points associated with traffic violations is as follows:

Six points against a driver’s license

  • Speeding that results in an accident
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that caused damage

Four points against a driver’s license

  • Ignoring traffic control devices or signals (Running a stop sign, running a red light, ignoring a yield sign, ect…)
  • Speeding more than 15 mph over the limit
  • Reckless driving
  • Passing a school bus that has stopped
  • Moving violations that cause an accident to occur

Three Points against a driver’s license

  • Moving violations (Aside from the 4 point ones listed above)
  • Driving with an open container
  • Speeding less than 15 mph over the speed limit
  • Violated child restraint rules
  • Curfew violations

The Penalties of Points

The more points that an individual receives on their license will cause their insurance rates to increase. In addition, a suspended license will be mandated if too many points are incurred within a given time frame.

The time frame is as follows:

  • If a driver receives 12 points within a year’s time, their license will be suspended for 30 days
  • If a driver receives 18 points within 18 months, their license will be suspended for three months (90 days)
  • If a driver receives 24 points within 36 months their license will be suspended for a year

Once a driver’s license has been suspended the driver will be looking at hefty fines in order to reinstate their license. These fines could amount to thousands of dollars. If a driver continues to drive on a suspended license they could be arrested and be sentenced to jail time.

Driving Improvement Course

For noncriminal citations, a driver will be offered the option to take a driving improvement course to eliminate the points they received from their citation. The course is limited to the amount of times it can be taken. The driving improvement course can only be taken one time a year per each individual and a maximum of five times in a lifetime for each person.

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