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Jefferson County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located just outside of Leon County, which is the county in which the state capital, Tallahassee, is located. Jefferson County has a residential population of nearly 15,000 people. The very name of the county comes from the late President Jefferson. It has been home to numerous forts throughout history. These forts include Fort Roger Jones, Fort Noel, Fort Welaunee, Fort Aucilla, Fort Number Three, and Fort Wacissa. The county is the only county that borders both Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico. Boasting this uniqueness, the historical landmarks and friendly people that call Jefferson County home are just the beginning.

The county seat is Monticello, a small town that holds a wonderful Watermelon Festival every year. The county has several lakes and rivers: Aucilla River, Lake Miccosukee, and Wacissa River. The lakes and rivers are associated with St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Interstate 10, US 19, US 27, and other major thoroughfares run through the county. The local traffic laws on these roads are enforced by Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office, Monticello Police Department, and the Florida Highway Patrol. The patrolling agencies are responsible for monitoring and issuing civil and criminal citations. These violations are heard by the presiding judge, Judge Plaines.

There civil and criminal citations require different treatment. A hearing may be requested if a civil citation is issued within thirty (30) days of the citation being issued. These hearings are for the person who has been cited to be able to defend themselves and have the judge hear their side of what happened. A Jefferson County Traffic Attorney may help you to get organized before the hearing and attend the hearing for you. The hearing should be request in writing or in person by filling out paperwork and paying a small fee to the Clerk of the Court at the following address: 1 Courthouse Circle, Monticello, FL 32344. A hearing may be required for a criminal infraction. These infractions include DUI, driving without a license, among other violations. The hearing date will be on the ticket issued and/or may be told to you at any preliminary hearings. At these hearings, the officer that issued the citation, any witnesses you may have or he may present, and any and all individuals involved will be present in front of the judge along with a Jefferson County Traffic Attorney should you choose to hire one.

If you decide to pay the ticket without going to a hearing, you may pay your ticket in person at the address above or you may request an extension past the thirty (30) days by calling: 850-342-0218 ext. 226. If you fail to call and let them know or to request a hearing within the allotted time, the court will assess a $23 late fee and a notification to have your license suspended will be sent to the DMV. To have your license reinstated you will need to get a D6 clearance and pay additional fees, including a reinstatement fee.

Money is not the only penalty. Insurance premiums go up as more and more traffic citations pile up on your record. These insurance premiums can eventually be four times as much as a regular safe driver premium. Points may also be assessed on your license, which will also accumulate and can cause your license to be suspended. Points and insurance premiums may or may not be assessed if you take a Driver Improvement Course. The points issue can be addressed with the Court, but the insurance premiums should go through your insurance agency. They have the sole discretion to increase your premiums. The Driver Improvement course can be taken anywhere in the state as long as the course is taken within ninety (90) days from the date of the citation.

The best plan is to contact a Monticello Speeding Ticket lawyer or a Jefferson County Traffic attorney as soon as possible so they can assist you in getting educated about your rights and determine the best course of action with you. Contact one today!