The Lawtey Police Department consists of 8 street officers whose primarily job is traffic enforcement on Highway 301.  The department issues almost 5,000 speeding tickets per year.  Some of the officers are reserve officers while others are full time officers.  One of these full-time officers, Jay Raulerson Id#3911, has been employed by the Lawtey Police department since January 15, 2014.  Officer Raulerson typically drives a fully marked 2019 Dodge Charger and usually works the day shift.  Officer Raulerson is radar certified.  That means that officer Raulerson successfully completed a radar course where he learned about Florida law, the principles of doppler radar, and how to testify in court to prosecute his speeding ticket cases.  Officer Raulerson is not certified to use another typical speed measurement device called a laser device.   Officer Raulerson writes more speeding tickets than anyone else in the department.  In 2015 he wrote 1,609 speeding tickets.  In 2016 he wrote 1,709 speeding tickets.  In 2017 Officer Raulerson wrote 2,158 speeding tickets then that number dipped to 1,673 in 2018.  In 2019 Officer Raulerson wrote 1,653 speeding tickets, almost 400 more than the next closest officer. 

In Officer Raulerson’s car, he has a stalker DSR 2X radar model manufactured by Applied Concepts Inc.   Depending on the configuration in his car, Officer Raulerson more than likely can clock cars in both lanes of Highway 301.  Unlike a laser device, radar can be operated in both the moving and stationary mode.  That means that officer Raulerson can clock your speed while he is parked or while he is driving up and down Highway 301.  After pulling over a motorist and issuing them a speeding ticket, it is critical that you review all the information on the ticket to make sure it is filled out properly.  That information would include the information at the top of the ticket, which includes the violator information, the type and serial number of the speed measurement device used to clock your speed, and the Florida statute number that he used in charging you with the violation.  

Pursuant to Florida traffic court rule 6.445 the type of speed measurement device used by officer Raulerson as well as the serial number for his device MUST be on the face of your citation.  The radar device in his assigned car #3923 has a serial number of DP006596.  Officer Raulerson must calibrate his radar device before and after every shift he works.  That means that officer Raulerson must run his radar through a variety of tests using a certified tuning fork in front of his radar antennas to determine that the value of the tuning fork matches the value/speed that officer Raulerson sees in his radar window.  In addition, officer Raulerson must keep a radar log detailing every violation for which he writes a ticket for.  According to Florida administrative code 15B-2.009, which needs to be followed precisely, officer Raulerson must present a 6-month certificate for his radar device showing that it passed the bench test.  That document referred to as a form 61070 shows the court that officer Raulerson’s radar device is working properly.  Before your speed can be admitted into evidence, officer Raulerson must also testify that he made a visual estimation of your speed and that you were traveling above the posted speed limit.  

If you have received a speeding ticket by Officer Jay Raulerson of the Lawtey Police Department, please call The Law Place at 866-985-7740.  We would like to discuss your options in hopes of minimizing any increase to your insurance.