Spectator to Street Racing Ticket in Florida

Street racing is illegal, but in the state of Florida it is also illegal to stand on the sidelines and watch a street race. Being a spectator to street racing carries fairly hefty consequences and in Florida is considered a moving violation. Common consequences for a person watching a street race are, 3 points on an individual’s license which could lead to license suspensionand a fine that can amount to $500.

Street Racing Defined

A street race is defined as two or more vehicles driving side by side at accelerating speeds in a competitive

attempt to go faster than the other vehicles.

Numerous street races will close off roads to ensure a designated area to race. This is typically the scene where multiple spectators will come out and watch the race. If the police gets wind of the race taking place they will attempt to block off the race at both ends and ticket the racers and the spectators.

Defenses for Spectators of Street Racing

Wrong Place Wrong Time

It is possible that a spectator of street racing was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. They may have been oblivious to the knowledge that a street race was taking place in the spot in which they were hanging out. An alleged spectator could have simply been taking a leisurely stroll in the area, walking their dog, making a run to the grocery store, or simply hanging out in the area with friends. Whatever the reason may be, the spectator may not have been there to watch the race and just got caught in the designated area when the police arrived. An individual charged with a moving violation for watching a street race could argue that they were not there to watch the race and that the charge was unjust.

Some people do not like loud noise and are concerned at what takes place in their living communities. If a street race was taking place in a particular area, a local person may have simply wondered over to see what all of the raucous was about. It is possible for a person to have been completely oblivious about the street race and simply ended up at the race when the police showed up.

A citing officer needs to be able to prove that the charged individual was indeed at the race to specifically watch the race and take place in the festivities.

Do Not Stand on the Side Lines if You Received a Moving Violation for Watching a Street Race!

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