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How a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Naples Can Minimize the Damage from Your Traffic Violation

Why You May Need a Naples Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Your Traffic Citation

Nearly 90% of all adults in the Unites States own an automobile; we travel to and from work in our cars, run a multitude of errands in our automobiles, take our children to school and to extracurricular activities, visit friends and family and travel to recreational activities in our vehicles. As much time as we spend in our cars, it only stands to reason that traffic citations will happen, even to the most responsible drivers. If you have received a traffic citation, it is important that you take it seriously, and speak to a Naples traffic ticket attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.

You may believe a simple traffic citation hardly warrants the services of an attorney, however you could not be more wrong. When you pay your traffic citation, you have effectively pled guilty, resulting in a conviction, and a conviction for a traffic citation can have many adverse consequences, some of them lasting for a very long time. Even though 80-90% of all those who receive a traffic citation will simply drop a check in the mail, most of them are unaware of the negative effects which can result.

What Are My Choices After Receiving a Traffic Citation?

After the police officer wrote your ticket, you were likely told you had three options: pay the ticket, attend traffic school or appear in court. Most people feel they don’t have the time to appear in court or attend traffic school, although in some cases traffic school can be completed online. Further, attending court on your own can be unpleasant, to say the least. You will appear before a judge and tell your side of the story, but what it will likely come down to is your word against the word of the police officer. It is not difficult to know which the judge will give more weight to. Appearing in court can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not only will you likely sit and wait for a considerable length of time, unless you are a veteran public speaker, you may find the setting pretty intimidating.

If you choose to attend traffic school, be aware that you may only do so once every twelve months, with a five-time lifetime limit. You must notify the Clerk of your intentions to attend traffic school if you qualify, then pay the entire fine for your traffic violation, as well as the fees associated with traffic school. As you can see, paying your ticket or attending traffic school have a definite down side, and appearing in court on your own is only for the very courageous and optimistic. A much better choice is to have a Naples traffic ticket attorney appear in court for you. Not only will your attorney be a skilled public speaker and negotiator, he or she will have a thorough knowledge of Florida laws as well as a working relationship with the judges and other court personnel involved in your case.

While it may not seem fair, the judge is much more likely to listen to your attorney’s account of the issuance of your ticket, plus when your attorney makes an objection, he or she has the necessary legal knowledge to back it up. Your Naples speeding ticket lawyer can try to have your ticket dismissed completely, depending on the circumstances surrounding that ticket. Your experienced attorney can question the police officer regarding the device which was used to measure your speed, determining whether the device was properly calibrated and had been properly maintained. Your Naples speeding ticket attorney will also question the police officer on his or her training and experience in using the device as well as the circumstances surrounding your traffic stop. Unless the issuance of your speeding ticket or other traffic violation was picture-perfect, there may be a technicality which can result in your ticket being dismissed, or at least less penalties and consequences.

Most Common Types of Traffic Violations

Speeding is by and large the most common traffic violation—and the one you should definitely speak to a knowledgeable speeding ticket attorney in Naples about. After all, a conviction for exceeding the speed limit sixteen miles or more will get you four points on your driving record, and a conviction for exceeding the speed limit fifteen miles or less will result in three points being added to your driving record. Driving with a suspended driver’s license can be a criminal offense and if not handled properly can result in a five-year revocation of your driver’s license. This is also potentially one of the easiest tickets to have dismissed, so is well worth speaking to a Naples traffic ticket lawyer.

Citations known as “violations of traffic control device,” include those for running a stop sign or red light or making an illegal U-turn; while these sound relatively innocuous, and may cost you less than a speeding ticket, they add four points to your driving record.  Highway racing is a criminal traffic offense, and a very serious crime, as is reckless driving. A reckless driving conviction, in addition to bringing many long-term, negative consequences, adds four points to your driving record. You could also receive a citation for many other offenses such as: failure to yield, failure to have children properly restrained, failure to wear a seat belt, careless driving, toll booth and SunPass violations, violations of Florida’s Move-Over Law, no proof of insurance, passing a stopped school bus, leaving the scene of an accident, speeding which results in an accident or damage to property and DUI.

Why Choose Our Traffic Ticket Defense Law Firm?

You have a multitude of choices when searching for a Naples traffic ticket attorney, however we believe the choice is clear. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping people just like you. We take your traffic citation very seriously and have a goal of keeping points off your driving record and preventing you from having a civil or criminal conviction on your record. We are also very aware that a DUI in particular can have a domino effect, leading to serious hardships in your future and that a license suspension can leave you unable to get to work or take care of your family. In short, the skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate attorneys will work aggressively to provide the best outcome possible for your traffic charges.