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Orange County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Orange County

Orange County is the home to the State of Florida’s popular City of Orlando. With Mickey Mouse around every corner, the city is the destination spot for travelers around the world. With a residential population of just over 1.2 million visitors and millions more visitors traveling there every year, the city is teeming with traffic in all seasons and times of the year. The city boasts a healthy tourist industry with individuals travelling to the County by air, boat, and car. The other cities in the county include Apopka, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Winter Park, and Lake Buena Vista. These cities make up the surrounding areas of Orlando. There is never a lack of entertaining things to do in the area, including multiple amusement parks, shopping, and several events and festivals.

The county is also the home of the University of Central Florida. The campus brings approximately 60,000 students to the county. With I-4 going across the county, Florida Turnpike running through the county, and the campus of tens of thousands, the county is a booming metropolis of traffic, which, of course, means traffic violations. The law enforcement agencies are in full force and effect in Orange County. The agencies include Orlando Police Department, Apopka Police Department, Winter Park Police Department, Lake Buena Vista Police Department, Orange County Sherriff’s Department, and Florida Highway Patrol. Florida Highway Patrol has an official Interstate 4 task force patrolling the county with radars.

The traffic by automobiles is unmatched yielding a high rate of traffic violations. The traffic violations include unlawful speed, no proof of insurance, careless driving, among other violations. There are approximately 250,000 moving violations written in Orange County every year. Of these, the two top violations are unlawful speed and failure to yield at a stop sign. There were approximately 35,000 criminal citations written last year with the most common offense being driving without a license. Both criminal citations and civil citations can be fought on your own or with the help of an Orlando Traffic Attorney. They can aid you by attending any hearing you may have, addressing paperwork, presenting defenses and educating you about your rights and possible defenses. A criminal citation will require that you attend a hearing. These hearings are mandatory. You may request a hearing if you are cited for a civil offense. This request must occur within thirty (30) days from the date of the citation. The hearings are heard at the following location: 425 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801.

The other penalties associated with a traffic violation include points on your license, higher insurance premiums and other stigmas, including wariness on the part of employers if your occupation includes driving as part of your job duties. Insurance premiums can be as high as four (4) times the cost of the average safe driver if you are considered a high risk driver by the insurance company. Points on your license can also accumulate. The accumulation of points can result in a license suspension. These points can be avoided by taking a Driver Improvement Course that is approved by the Court. They are available online, on DVD/video, or in person in a classroom setting. You can find one near you by simply doing an online search. You may only take these courses five (5) times in your lifetime, so if you have taken it five times, you may have to forfeit the availability of the course. In these cases or cases in which you would rather not take the course, you can hire an Orange County Speeding Ticket attorney who can assist you in asserting your rights and keeping points off of your license.

If you have gotten a ticket recently, you should contact an Orlando Speeding Ticket lawyer to assist you in fighting your ticket. They can help you with understanding the paperwork, the nature of the offenses, and the defenses to the violation. An Orange County Traffic attorney can assist you in any and all offenses to make sure your rights are secured and to educate you on the process.