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Call a Pensacola Traffic Ticket Attorney To Fight Your Speeding Ticket or Traffic Citation 

What Happens After You Receive a Traffic Citation?

The United States is a nation that truly loves to drive…Pensacola and the surrounding areas are no exception. Most estimates place the number of adults in the U.S. who own vehicles at 89-90%, meaning the majority of Americans have a car, SUV or pickup truck—and drive it often. We use our vehicles to transport our children, run errands and drive to and from work, and it stands to reason that with this level of driving, many of us will, unfortunately, end up with a traffic citation. In fact, anybody with a driver’s license has surely made the occasional driving mistake, which is why traffic tickets have evolved into a billion dollar industry for cities and towns.

If you have received a Pensacola traffic ticket recently, you may have been shocked at just how high the fines and fees currently are for violations of traffic laws.  If you misplace that ticket, or forget to pay it on time—or appear in court as agreed—you could additionally find yourself facing a Failure to Appear charge and even have a warrant for your arrest issued. You may feel that it is just simpler to pay your traffic citation and move on with your life, however that action can have many unintended consequences. If you have received a traffic citation, whether for speeding or another infraction, it is important to speak to a Pensacola traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible, and certainly before you pay your ticket. Paying your traffic citation is equivalent to admitting your guilt and will result in a conviction for the offense. Whether that citation is for a civil or criminal offense will determine the present and future consequences you will face.

In other words, it is rarely a good idea to pay your traffic citation without at least talking to a knowledgeable Pensacola speeding ticket attorney. You may be surprised to find that you actually do have options, most of which are better than the fallout you will face from paying your traffic ticket. Having a Pensacola traffic ticket lawyer by your side from the very beginning can almost guarantee a better outcome. You may be able to avoid points being added to your driving record—and the possibility of losing your license. Avoiding a criminal conviction is even more important, as such a conviction could truly follow you for the rest of your life. Every time you apply for a job, try to buy insurance or attempt to rent a home, your criminal history may be checked, leaving you without a job you may be well-qualified for, without auto or home insurance and possibly even unable to live where you want. These consequences of a traffic citation conviction are very real and can be long-term.

Defenses Your Traffic Ticket Attorney in Pensacola May Use on Your Behalf

There are a number of defenses your Pensacola traffic ticket attorney may employ on your behalf. If your ticket is for speeding, your attorney may ask the police officer when the speed device which recorded your speed was last calibrated and whether the device has been properly maintained, with maintenance records to back it up. The police officer may be questioned about his or her experience and training with the radar or laser device, and asked to show whether certifications are up-to-date.  Your Pensacola speeding ticket attorney may ask that your ticket be dismissed, or may negotiate a deferred adjudication on your behalf (should you receive no further traffic violations for a specified length of time, your ticket will be dismissed), or a plea deal may be reached which allows you to attend Florida driving school. If you are able to attend driving school, your ticket could be dismissed once the course is completed. You are only allowed to attend one driving school course a year, with a maximum of five over your lifetime. As you can see, there are many more options when a Pensacola traffic ticket attorney is by your side.

Determining Whether Your Pensacola Traffic Ticket is Civil or Criminal

While all moving violations will add points to your driving record, there is a distinction between civil traffic infractions and criminal traffic offenses. Civil infractions generally include such things as:

  • Speeding (without an accident)
  • Expiration of driver’s license less than six months
  • Registration expired
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt or have children properly restrained
  • Failure to pay attention to traffic control signals
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Following too closely

Criminal traffic offenses include the following:

  • DUI
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Leaving the scene of an accident with damage to property or injuries to people
  • Reckless driving
  • Using a vehicle tag which has not been assigned to you

Whatever your particular traffic violation, there is a very good chance that a Pensacola traffic ticket attorney can assist you, securing a more favorable outcome on your behalf.

How Your Attorney Can Help With Your Traffic Ticket

We understand that you have many choices when you begin looking for a speeding ticket attorney in Pensacola, therefore you may well wonder just why you should hire us. The answer lies in the level of experience we bring to the table. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience which has left us with strategies garnered from trial and error, always working toward the best interests of our clients. We tenaciously fight traffic tickets and DUI charges, representing thousands of drivers each year. The credentials of our lawyers are stellar, including the following:

  • All of our attorneys are members of the Florida Bar Association
  • The 2012 AVVO Client Choice Award was given to our firm for outstanding DUI and criminal defense
  • Our attorneys have collectively written five books on DUI
  • We work as a team for our clients, closely examining every detail of the case, no matter how small
  • Our attorneys come from a varied background, including former prosecutors and former public defenders
  • Our attorneys attend national conferences and have been asked to teach at conferences to educate other attorneys and judges on the changing traffic and DUI laws
  • Our lawyers have been featured on local and national news stations to discuss traffic and DUI laws

We hope that you will choose experience and tenacity when you look for a Pensacola traffic ticket lawyer—call today for a free consultation.