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Putnam County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Putnam County

Putnam County is located just south of Jacksonville, Florida. The major city and county seat is Palatka, Florida. The local law enforcement agencies include Palatka Police Department, Crescent Police City Department, Welaka Police Department, Interlachen Police Department, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, and Florida Highway Patrol. Despite the county’s smaller population, just over 8,000 traffic tickets were issued last year. With nearly 65% of them for unlawful speed, it is clear to see that the local agencies keep an eye out for speeding motorists. In addition, 200 of the traffic tickets were for DUI.

The area of the county is just under 900 square miles, but it has some beautiful landscapes. The county is crossed by individuals passing through to Jacksonville and to St. Augustine. The county is centrally located with many tourists passing through.

There are two types of violations: civil and criminal. Civil violations result in three options to cure them: 1) payment in full of fee/fine, 2) Driver Improvement Course with a lower fine/fee or 3) hire a Putnam County Traffic Attorney or request a hearing yourself. You must request a hearing within thirty days of the citation and complete the course within 90 days. The course will keep from points being assessed on your record. A Palatka Speeding Ticket Lawyer or you can request points be kept from your record as well. The importance of keeping points off your license stems from the fact that a sum of points can result in license suspension or higher insurance premiums.

Insurance companies may at their sole discretion label you as a “high risk” driver. Being labeled as such will require you to carry an SR-22 policy. These policies are up to four times as much as standard safe driver insurance premiums. Also, an accrual of points will result in license suspension. Twelve points in a twelve month period can result in a suspension of one month. Eighteen points in eighteen months results in a three month suspension. Twenty-four points in thirty-six months results in a one year suspension. A hardship license may be applied for with additional costs and fees before being granted. This license only permits you to drive to and from work.

Points are assessed according to the following schedule:

Littering, Child Restraint Violation, Unlawful Speed—15 miles per hour or less over the speed limit, Moving Violations 3
Moving violations (speeding), Unlawful Speed—16 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, Passing a Parked School Bus 4
Moving Violation resulting in a crash, leaving the scene of an accident with damage of <$50 6

Criminal citations require a hearing before a judge. In these hearings you can present your case to the judge with any defenses you may have. The judge will decide the outcomes of your case after hearing from the arresting/citation issuing officer, witnesses, and a Putnam County Traffic attorney should you hire one. Criminal citations can result in penalties including fines/fees, probation, drug screenings, interlocking devices placed on your vehicle, and any other penalty the court deems necessary and proper.

Hearings and any questions or notifications directed to the Clerk of Court can be dealt with at the Putnam County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 410 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka, FL 32177. The mailing address for the Clerk of Court is P.O. Box 758, Palatka, FL 32178.

Putnam County, though it may be small in size, has a lot to offer those that pass through the small county. Law enforcement officers keep the roads well patrolled. If you find yourself faced with a traffic citation, contact a Putnam County Traffic Attorney as soon as possible. The Palatka Speeding Ticket Lawyer can assist you in gaining knowledge of your case, learning of possible defenses, and presenting the best, worst and most likely of outcomes. Contact a Putnam County Traffic Attorney today to make sure you do not miss any important deadlines and your rights are protected.