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When You Should Call a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Sanford

You Have Options When You Receive a Traffic Citation in Sanford, Fl

If a Sanford or Florida State police officer has issued you a ticket for speeding or any other traffic offense, you may assume your only option is to pay the ticket, essentially pleading guilty and receiving a conviction for the offense. For speeding tickets in particular, both local and state police are required to follow specific protocol when issuing you a traffic violation. Any equipment they use to determine you broke the law (laser or radar speed devices) is held to high standards regarding calibration, maintenance and proper use by the police officer.

You would likely be surprised to realize how many tickets fail to meet the prescribed standards; there may be errors in writing or filing the ticket, or issues with devices which are not used properly or maintained properly. An experienced Sanford speeding ticket lawyer can best determine whether mistakes were made on your ticket, and, if so, may be able to use those errors to your advantage.

You basically have three options when you receive a traffic citation, however you only have thirty days in which to decide which direction you will take. You can pay the ticket, opt for driving school, or fight the ticket in court. Should you stick your traffic ticket in a drawer, intending to deal with it “later,” then forget about it, you could end up with a suspended license.

Traffic school may be an option for you, assuming you have not attended within the past twelve months. You are only allowed to take traffic school one time within a twelve-month period, and only five times total. Be aware, however, that electing to take traffic school may prevent the points from being added to your driver’s license, but you will still be required to pay the fine for the violation as well as the costs associated with traffic school.

You may be hesitant to  try and fight the ticket and appear before a judge and argue your case, assuming the judge will side with the police officer. This is actually a valid assumption. Unless you are a practiced public speaker, it is unlikely you can present a compelling enough case to sway a judge to take your word over that of a police officer, plus appearing in court on your own is intimidating for most people.

This is where an traffic ticket attorney in Sanford can offer a fourth option—and one that is likely to have the most favorable outcome. Our attorneys have had over three decades combined experience in fighting traffic violations for clients just like you. We know all the “ins and outs” of the system and have a solid knowledge of Florida laws to back up any objections we may make on your behalf once in court. We understand how to win a traffic case, and will fight aggressively for you in order to do so.

The Types of Traffic Violations and How They Can Affect Your Future

When you receive a traffic violation, it will be either a civil infraction or a criminal citation. A civil traffic infraction can include such offenses as speeding, driving without a seatbelt, failure to provide proof of insurance, violations of toll road or SunPass, failure to have children properly restrained, changing lanes improperly, failure to yield and running a red light or stop sign.

Criminal traffic offenses require a mandatory court appearance and can possibly result in jail time in the event of a conviction. Criminal traffic offenses include: driving on a habitual traffic offender revocation, street racing, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a valid driver’s license, reckless driving and driving under the influence.

Any moving violation—criminal or civil—can result in points being added to your driving record should you be convicted of the offense. For example, a conviction for exceeding the speed limit by fifteen mph or less will add three points to your driving record, while a conviction for exceeding the speed limit by sixteen miles or more will add four points to your driver’s license. Any type of speed violation which results in an accident can add six points to your license in the event of a conviction.

Accruing twelve points within one year will result in a 30-day license suspension, while eighteen points within a period of a year and a half will result in a three-month license suspension. Twenty-four points accrued within a three-year period will result in a license suspension for an entire year. Having an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Sanford by your side from beginning to end can result in a much better outcome for your traffic ticket and for your future.

Getting the Help You Need from Our Aggressive Attorneys

If you have received a traffic citation or have been charged with DUI, it is crucial that you take the ticket or charges very seriously and speak to the most experienced Sanford traffic ticket attorney possible. We believe that experience is simply the most valuable asset your attorney can bring to the table. Experience consists of not only the number of years your attorney has practiced, but the tactics and strategies he or she added through those years from giving each and every client an aggressive, focused defense. Our attorneys have been tenaciously fighting traffic citations and DUI charges for decades, representing thousands of drivers each year.

This level of experience is rare, and can benefit you greatly. The attorneys in our firm have collectively written five books on DUI, and are all active members of the Florida Bar Association. Your traffic ticket attorney in Sanford Florida has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you with your traffic case. Call today for a free consultation; our goal is a better outcome for your traffic citation.