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Sarasota County Traffic Ticket Attorney – DUI Lawyer in Sarasota County

Sarasota County, located just south of Pinellas County, is home to the city of Sarasota and Bradenton. The county boasts a total population of nearly 400,000 people. Myakka River State Park also calls Sarasota County its home. The county also has a wide array of cultural events including the Ringling Museum, fairs and festivals along with other art walks. Siesta Key, offering beautiful beaches and warm water, is Sarasota County’s gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. With beautiful beaches and plenty of activities, there are plenty of visitors year round, which of course means plenty of traffic all year long. Sarasota County is traversed by Interstate 75, Highway 41, and Highway 301 among other roads that cover the county. With so many highways crossing the county, there are many patrolling units issuing traffic citations for violations in the County.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol are two of the most expansive units that cover the whole county. Sarasota Sheriff’s Department has a patrol unit of 14 in traffic control. Of these 14 officers, six of them are specially equipped to diagnose and assist in DUI enforcement. These six officers along with other police agencies and units perform DUI checkpoints in the county. There are also seven Harley-Davidson motorcycle units that are available to patrol the area and for dignitary escorts. The other law enforcement agencies include New College Police, University of South Florida, New College Police, city of Sarasota police, Longboat Key police, Venice Police Department, North Port Police Department, Florida Department of Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Sarasota Airport Police.

The County issues citations for moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations include speeding, failure to stop at traffic signal, driving with a suspended license or revoked license, and reckless driving. Non-moving violating include parking violations and any citations issued for infractions while the car was no moving. In addition to civil infractions, criminal infractions may also be imposed on violators. If an individual is arrested or receive a Notice to Appear for a criminal offense, they will have to attend a hearing during which they can defend their rights. In either case, a Sarasota County Traffic attorney can assist you in determining your rights, the best and worst case scenarios, and the best way to defend your rights. For a civil infraction, you must request a hearing in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving the citation. At this hearing, you, your Bradenton or Sarasota Speeding Ticket Lawyer should you hire one, any witnesses, and the officer who issued the citation would attend the hearing.

The fees and fines are not the only penalty imposed on violators. Violators also may receive points on their license. These points can result in license suspension. There are two ways to keep points off of your license: by hiring a Sarasota County Speeding Ticket lawyer to fight for the points to be kept off of your license or taking a driver improvement course. The course can be found online or by calling the DMV or the Sarasota County Clerk of the Court. These courses can be taken online, on DVD/video, or in the classroom.

The Sarasota County Courthouse is located at 2002 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, Florida. This is where you can find the Clerk of Court, who can assist you and direct you about a Driver Improvement Course or how to request a hearing. The Traffic Division falls under the Twelfth Circuit, which has fifteen judges and several hearing officers and magistrates.

If you find yourself facing a traffic citation, the best answers come from one source: A Sarasota County Traffic Lawyer. They can assist you by attending hearings for you, giving you pointers on how to best resolve your ticket with the least penalties, shed light on possible defenses that may be available to you, and any other concern. They will keep your rights protected and keep you educated about your rights.