How do I win my DUI case

How do I win my DUI case

How do I win my DUI case: A DUI charge stays on record for 75 years, which, to most of us, will be the entirety of our lives. This conviction can lead to serious fines, higher insurance payments, loss of employment, and can make finding future employment extremely difficult.

This means the stakes are high when it comes to fighting a DUI defense case. The first step is deciding to fight it and not to roll over and plead guilty straight away. Just like when a boxer wants to win their championship fight, the best thing they can do is hire the best possible coach to back their corner.

When defending against DUI charges, the same principle applies. You are going to need the best DUI defense attorney backing your corner from the get-go.

Here at The Ticket Lawyers, we have dealt with hundreds of cases just like yours. We have won awards by Avvo for being one of the best DUI defense law firms in Florida and have great strategies and knowledge in place to give you the best possible fighting chance when caught driving under the influence.

These strategies are created to help find if there is any reasonable doubt or error that could influence the decision or even prove your innocence.

What to do When Arrested

Hopefully, you are reading this before you are even arrested. If you are, here is what you should do when you are pulled over:

  • Remain Silent – This means that you say nothing other then what is legally required from you. This is usually your correct name and address. In order to avoid being tricked by standard police officer tactics, exercise your right to remain silent.
  • Refuse Field Sobriety Tests – Every field sobriety test held at DUI checkpoints, and pull-overs are voluntary. These tests were never actually peer approved by any scientific means.
  • Refuse a breathalyzer – These machines are notoriously inaccurate.
  • Pay attention to the police at the scene- Watch them for any errors they might commit, by law, they have to read you your rights, if they do not, anything they do afterward could be grounds to have your case thrown out.

After you get out of jail, record absolutely everything you can recall. Immediately upon release, it is extremely important that you write down everything you can recall about the arrest. Things to include are:

  • How long after you stop drinking you were pulled over
  • What you were doing and where you were before you got into the car
  • Whether you were read your Miranda rights if arrested
  • When and where you took the chemical test
  • Where you were pulled over
  • How the officer treated you and what the officer said
  • How you responded to the officer’s instructions

How to Fight a DUI Case

These are the factors that might be usable in order to beat a DUI case:

Firstly, the officer must have had probable cause to stop you. They must have had a reasonable suspicion to pull you over and arrest you. If the officers cannot prove that they had this reasonable cause, then you will most likely have grounds to have your case thrown out.

Secondly, roadside breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate compared to a blood test. This is due to:

  • Improper use by the police during a case
  • Evidence of Physiological Conditions (gastroesophageal reflux disease aka GERD)
  • Instrument Malfunction
  • Failure to observe the defendant prior to the test.

Thirdly, field sobriety tests are not accurate. If one of the pieces of evidence being used against you is an FST, you should appeal. These tests have been found to be around 65-70% accurate, meaning 30% of the time they give false readings.

They can also be influenced by external factors like:

  • Intimidation by police officers.
  • Poor lighting conditions.
  • Bad weather conditions at the time of the test.
  • Un-even surfaces were making it more difficult.
  • Bad footwear.
  • A driver who is naturally unbalanced or uncoordinated.

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Your best chance at winning a DUI case is always going to be getting a good criminal defense attorney on your side. They will be your best hopes at a win. Driving under the influence evidence is often unreliable. After your DUI arrest, your attorney will be able to examine the evidence and help you build a DUI case defense.

Our team of defense attorneys has won awards for DUI defense. We don’t like the way the system works and don’t believe you should receive a 75-year conviction for a lapse in judgment or a slight overindulgence.

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