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Do not let the Fines and Penalties Destroy your Career or impact your Life

Traffic tickets seem minuscule to many people but a large portion of motorists have learned that traffic tickets can amount to a much larger problem if not handled quickly and efficiently. One traffic ticket could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and additional expenses and all traffic tickets will add points on your license, and with Florida’s point system in play, that could result in your license becoming suspended and your insurance rates to increase.

Florida has a multitude of police officers on the roadways at any given time and when an officer observes a traffic violation being committed they are required to pull a vehicle over and provide the driver of the vehicle with a traffic ticket. Common traffic tickets administered to individuals are for the following violations:

And many more

One Mistake can strip away your Freedom: DUI Charges

Driving under the influence, better known as a DUI, can be one mistake that you will inevitably regret. DUI charges are like a domino effect. A DUI charge can have the penalties of jail time and hefty fines, but it will also cause an automatic license suspension.

A domino effect occurs because the penalties for a DUI will cause other hardships to occur in your life. A suspended license will cause difficulties for you to get to and from work which could result in you losing your job, or being that a DUI is a criminal offense it could lead to you losing your job regardless if you can get there or not. With the fines that come a with a DUI you may experience financial troubles, and in addition to the fines, in order to get your license back you will have to pay all of the reinstatement fees. Moreover, if you are eligible for a hardship license to get to and from work or school, you will have to have automobile insurance and being that you now have a DUI on your record your insurance rate will be much higher and some insurance companies may not even accept you now.

Why hire us to Fight for You?

Why hire us out of the hundreds of attorneys you have to choose from? That is a good question and this is our answer for you…

For starters, one of the most valuable aspects an attorney can have is experience. It is possible that there are some excellent attorneys out there without years of experience, but reality is that there are tactics and strategies regarding law that a person can only learn through trial and error and not through law school. Our firm has dedicated lawyers that have a combined experienced of over thirty years. We have been tenaciously fighting traffic tickets and DUI charges for decades and we currently represent thousands of motorists each year, which amplifies our experience with DUI and traffic ticket violations.

As with all lawyers, proof is a necessity to win cases and to show facts, so to prove to you why we are an excellent choice to represent you; you should conduct your own research and take a look at our credentials.

Our Credentials

What backs up our statement of being excellent lawyers for hire? Take a look…

  • David Haenel, one of the founders of our firm was 2004 DUI prosecutor of the year
  • Our firm was the Avvo2012 Client Choice Award (your vote) for outstanding DUI defense and criminal defense
  • All of our attorneys are active members of the Florida Bar Association
  • The attorneys at our firm have written 5 books on DUI

Furthermore, our attorneys are not just defenders in the courtroom but are public do-gooders who are requested and asked to give lectures or provide information to law enforcement agencies to educate them on the current trends about traffic law and DUIs. Due to our diligent and active involvement in the community we have connections with all types of professionals that will help us examine your defense and your case if need be. This provides us with thorough and trustful expert witnesses who will testify on their findings for your defense if needed.

Our attorneys have the skills and the knowledge to help you with your case. We are available for you around the clock as we work seven days a week and our firm is open 24/7. Another advantage we bring to the table is our team corroboration. We will not just have one attorney working on you case but an entire team of attorneys to add knowledge and insight about the best course of action to take for your case. Two minds are indeed better than one, but six minds are better than two and that is what you will get from us! We are a group of aggressive, passionate, and intelligent attorneys who will back you up every step of the way. Set up a free consultation today and let us help you.

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